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Began the equipment section Added the universal aggro macro Began adding the date to updates If you see any mistakes or have any suggestions for this guide, E-mail Stu1611@ If you want to contact me in Wo W, I am on Chromaggus server, on the horde. However, if you really care about having racials that help your class then all the races and what is good about them is here.

However, by the time I had got the hang of the game, I was already used to being a warrior and I didnÂ’t want to start again.

-Cannibalise can reduce downtime as you donÂ’t need to wait for mana.

-There are very few situations when underwater breath helps.

Legal mumbo-jumbo The () before each number are designed to help navigate this guide.

Night Elves -Shadowmeld is great because it allows you to avoid battles you donÂ’t want and allows you to hide and get the first hit with charge.

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